Thursday, March 17, 2011


OMG... Still not open the creepiest bag in da world (school bag).. Arghhh..!! Help me anyone..?

School Bag.........

Ahaha... I don't how many my teachers gave me homework for me to do at home.. [I do at home..? really..?] I hope there's none. XD
But if there, I hope not so much larhh.. I hate homework because it's always disturbing my holidays,.. Hey.! Give me time to rest larhh.. I want to have a great time with my holidays.. Hahaha..
 Homework, homework, homework.. huh.. It's got me crazy... Man, I hope I can study without anyone give me homework especially MATH!! Math haters!!!! Ahaha..

P/S : I hope there's no one in the bag.. XD

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